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 Honey Badgers

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PostSubject: Honey Badgers   Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:37 am

We are a new faction created about 2-3 weeks ago, were mainly made up of real life friends but always looking for new members.
I will try to set up a hierarchy or leadership positions so you'll have incentives to help the faction out.
to apply for the faction you need to have at least been on the server for 2 weeks and have either talked to me or somebody else from the faction.
Do not beg to get in just kindly ask if you can join on the forums and wait i should reply in a days time.
Once your in you will be given a chest and a room of your own in our barracks you dont have to live there you can live wherever but your more than welcome to stay in the barracks for as long as you want too.
Stealing is not tolerated small things such as dirt and cobble stone is not a biggy and depending on how much iron we have it might not be a concern either anything higher such as gold diamond must be requested unless its your own.

And most importantly

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Honey Badgers
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